How to send and playback Voice Notes

Students can send and receive Voice Notes from tutors during a Live Help session. Voice notes allow for more accessibility, particularly for our younger students, when it comes to how our students and tutors work with each other.

Students should be logged in to their account, initiated a Live Help session, and enabled microphone permissions (if prompted).

  • Step 1: Start a Live Help session with a tutor.
  • Step 2: When prompted on how you’d like to communicate with the tutor, select the voice option.Screen_Shot_2023-03-14_at_9.43.22_AM.png
  • Step 3:Once in the session, click on the microphone icon to record your message to the tutor.


  • Step 4: The recording will start.Screen_Shot_2022-10-18_at_4.19.36_PM.png
  • Step 5: Click ‘confirm’ when done, or click ‘cancel’ if you’re unsatisfied with the recorded message.
  • Step 6: After clicking ‘confirm,’ you’ll see the Voice Note on your screen displayed as a waveform and have the option for different playback speeds. Screen_Shot_2023-03-14_at_9.59.28_AM.png

To play a voice note sent by a tutor, click the play triangle on the left side of their voice note in the chat.


To change the playback speed of a message, click on the number on the right side of the message to open up the speed options.



To transcribe the voice note into text, click on the text icon on the far right of the Voice Note message.


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