How to download the mobile app in Google Play?

Students with access to Paper can download the app through Google Play on their Android devices for free. Students can use the mobile app to access 24/7 live tutoring and unlimited writing feedback. 



How to download the app?

  1. Visit Paper Education in Google Play
    • Alternative options:
      • Search for Paper Education: K-12 Tutoring in Google Play
      • Scan the QR code below
      • Mobile_app_QR_code_google_play.png
  2. Select Install, and follow the device instructions to download the app. 


After downloading the app

  1. Sign in to your Paper account by using your school login method
    • Log-in methods
      • Sign in with Google
      • Manually (email/username + password)
  2. After signing in, students can chat with a tutor or get writing help. 



  • The mobile app is currently just for students. Educators need to access the web app to view students' activities. 
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