How to submit Google Drive files while using an Apple device?

Students that have installed Google Drive on their Apple device can upload Google files to Review Center for a tutor to review their work and leave comments. 



How to upload files from Google Drive? 

  1. Sign in to your Paper account by using your school login method
    • Log-in methods
      • Sign in with Google
      • Sign in with Clever
      • Sign in with Classlink
      • Manually (email/username + password)
  2. Click Submit your work mobile_submit_your_work.jpg
  3. Select Add a file. The user is directed to the iCloud Drive
  4. Click Browse, located on the top left hand
  5. Proceed to select Drive on the Locations menu (if unable to see Drive, click here) Mobile_Google_Drive_Locations_Apple.jpg
  6. Select the file to submit for review
  7. After the file is selected, the student adds the title of the writing piece.
  8. Indicate what type of material it is
    • Essay
    • Creative writing
    • Scientific writing
    • College admission writing
    • Resume
    • Other writing project
  9. Select the language the work is written in
  10. Click Next
  11. Students are directed to the Give your tutor more details step
    • Students need to add information about what they need help with
    • Provide teacher's instructions
  12. Click Submit


What if you cannot see Drive in the Locations menu?

If the user has Google Drive downloaded on an Apple device and cannot see it in Locations, follow the next steps.

  1. In Browse, select the three dots menu Browse_-_Three_dots_Apple_mobile.jpg
  2. Select Edit
  3. Enable Drive
  4. Select Done, located on the top right hand Enable_Drive.jpg
  5. Continue on step 5 of how to upload files from Google Drive


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