How to use the camera feature in the mobile app?

Students can send pictures of what they're working on from their mobile devices. The pictures can strongly help tutors guide students on their assignments. 



How to use the camera while chatting with a tutor? 

After starting a tutoring session.

  1. Click the blue arrow located on the text box Blue_arrow_Classroom.jpg
  2. A camera and a picture icon will appear; select the camera icon File__5_.jpg
  3. If the camera is used for the first time in the Paper app, the device will request to allow access. Click Allow or Enable, depending on the device.
  4. Take a picture of what you're working on. 
    • Important - the camera is front-facing, and students must try not to include their faces in the photo
  5. Once the picture is taken, click Send
  6. Students will be able to see the picture in the classroom and they can continue to communicate with the tutor using text and images in the chat window.

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