Paper Product Feedback Policy

Here at Paper, we believe listening to our students, educators, and employees—by gathering your thoughts and bringing your voice into the projects we choose to invest in—is the best way to build better products. We use your feedback to identify the most important features, ideas, pain points, and opportunities to investigate next so you can get more value from our products as efficiently as possible. We always take your feedback very seriously, whether you're suggesting improvements to our existing resources or contributing brand-new ideas.

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How to give Paper your product feedback?

Reporting a bug or technical issue

If you are experiencing a bug or technical issue, please get in touch with Paper's Customer Support team by emailing

Leaving new product feedback

To share your ideas and feature requests, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Paper 
  2. Open the Resource Center using the icon floating at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select Share Your Feedback
  4. Fill in the details of your request and select Submit request.Paper_Resource_Center_Widget.gif
    • If you don't see this icon, try turning off any ad blockers and refreshing the page.


Reviewing existing product feedback

  1. Sign in to Paper 
  2. Open the Resource Center using the icon floating at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select Share Your Feedback
  4. Click Open in Portal
  5. Select Dashboard, located on the left navigation bar.
  6. Vote, leave comments and manage feedback created by you and others. Paper_Reviewing_existing_product_feedback.gif


What happens to your product feedback

Paper's Research Team first reviews all new feedback ideas to ensure they meet our community standards and aren't duplicates of existing requests or features. Your feedback and comments may be edited for clarity or combined with other feedback. Low-quality or inappropriate feedback will be deleted without a response.

Once approved, feedback from students, educators, and administrators is set to the "New Idea" status so more people can give us information and vote on requests. This allows us to gauge demand, gather use cases, and establish impact and value.

Paper's product teams have planning conversations that incorporate ideas from users, customers, and employees in the feedback portal and other data, including usage analytics and other sources of feedback, at least once every three months. The teams discuss the highest priorities for our users and look at how those requests align with our existing product and company strategies. As they go through the requests, they update the status of each, so you immediately know the outcome. If they decide to build a feature or make an improvement, the status will change to "Planned" or "Being Built."

Our product feedback portal has the most up-to-date information about our products and what we're building next. If you reach out directly to our support or customer success teams, they'll be able to look up ideas for you, but they won't have any additional information or be able to provide an estimate for when your request will be reviewed or change status.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long will it be before the product team reviews my idea?

New items are reviewed continually, usually within a week. Planning meetings occur quarterly (every three months). Ensure your ideas are clear and concise so others can vote on and help prioritize them. Remember to prioritize your own requests, too. That way, we'll know if a particular request is important to you.

What does the status of my request mean?

The status of each item shows where it is in the product development process:

  • Not Reviewed: This is a brand-new idea that hasn’t been reviewed by the Paper product team yet.
  • New Idea: This idea has undergone an initial review and is open for others to view, comment, and vote.
  • Planned: This idea has been added to one of the Paper product team’s roadmaps or backlogs and will likely be built in the coming months.
  • Done: This idea has been implemented and is available to use.
  • Not Now: This idea isn’t currently being considered. This might be because it already exists or doesn’t align with Paper’s current product strategies.

My request hasn't been fulfilled, and I submitted it several months ago. What can I do?

If your feedback hasn't changed from "New Idea" after 6+ months and it's a high priority for you:

  • Make sure it's at the top of your own priority list. You can adjust this as needed from your dashboard within the Feedback Portal.
  • Make sure your request is clear. Tell us why you need it, what it's stopping you from doing, and how that's impacting you. Please add these details in a comment on your original idea, which you can find on your dashboard within the Feedback Portal.
  • Avoid submitting the same idea multiple times; this could dilute the number of votes each version of the idea gets and slow down the process further.
  • Remember that Paper simply can't fulfill every request, especially not right away. We're a newer organization with a wide variety of customers and students, so we must be very careful to use our limited resources on the features that will have the greatest positive impact on the greatest number of users.

What happens to feedback from Paper's own employees and contractors?

Paper employees and contractors can leave feedback as well as upvote and comment on existing ideas. Feedback on internal tools and processes or that has not yet been suggested by end-users will likely not be added to the public list for voting and commenting. However, the product team will review all submitted ideas and maintain a separate backlog of internal ideas.


Thank you for your feedback, understanding, and support as we work together to build the best products possible!

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