Troubleshooting - How to fix the most common problems on the platform?

This troubleshooting article covers first steps for users who face technical issues on the Paper platform. 

  • Clear your cache and cookies for all time
  • Refresh your browser
  • Use another browser (Safari, Chrome, MS Edge)
  • Use an incognito window
  • Log-out and back into Paper
  • Ensure that the device and browser are running up-to-date software
  • If on a school-issued device or network, try on a non-school device and network

For school-issued devices and networks, the following settings may need to be checked by IT staff to ensure nothing is being blocked.

  • Allowlist:,,,,,,,,,

  • Check that the feature flag LaunchDarkly is not blocked (
  • Check that .wasm files are not being blocked
  • Check that Crowdstrike and Securly are not restricting access
  • Check that security settings are allowing the passing of session data between sites. The auth token might be getting blocked. 
  • Disable all plugins and allow all data
  • Check that sharing is enabled and allowed for all Paper domains
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