How to install Canvas assignment add-on?

In addition to accessing Paper from the Canvas sidebar (installation instructions here), teachers can create assignments for students within Canvas that direct them to Paper.

This app needs to be installed by the Canvas administrator, at school or district level. It is only available to Paper partners.

Installation Instructions:

1. Enable Paper Inherited Developer Keys (detailed docs)

a. Go to: Admin → Developer Keys → Inherited tab

b. Click the “Show All Keys” button at the bottom

c. Search the page for: Paper Assignment + Paper API

d. Turn them “ON” (green means currently on)

e. We have made changes to the existing Paper Canvas integrations. If you currently use them, turn “OFF” Paper Co. Paper Essay Review

f. Copy the Inherited Client ID for Paper Assignment in the “Details” column (e.g. 170000000000782 )


2. Configure an External App using the Inherited Client ID forPaper Assignment

a. Follow this guide: Configure an External App Using a Client ID

b. For the newly added “Paper Assignment” entry, toggle the switch under the “Add to RCE toolbar”


Note: You need to enable both Paper Assignment + Paper API keys, but configure only Paper Assignment(i.e., key ending in 782).

Teachers will be able to include Paper Live Help or Review Center in the student's assignment using the applications tool in the rich text editor. Students will be able to start a Live Help session or submit to Review Center from the assignment if the teacher includes it.

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