How to use Math Snap on the mobile app

Math Snap helps students who are struggling to solve math equations. It provides instant step-by-step explanations — but without ever revealing the final answer. Math Snap helps learners identify where they went wrong, understand the correct next steps, and provides a template for them to follow.

To access Math Snap, students must have the mobile app downloaded to their devices and be logged in to their Paper account.

To access Math Snap, follow the below steps: 

1. Students navigate to the mobile app and select ‘Math Snap”


2. Students can snap a photo of an equation from within the mobile app, or upload from their photo library.

Upload from Library.jpg


3. Students can then crop the image to just show the equation they want help with


4. Students will be asked to confirm the equation within the app.

5. Students will then be shown a step by step explanation of how to solve the problem

6. If a student gets stuck on a step, they can connect with a tutor on Live Help to work through the problem in real-time by clicking on ‘Stuck on this? Ask a live tutor’.



7. If students understand each step, they can move ahead by clicking ‘Next Step’ and solve the problem independently.


*Note: MathSnap is intended to use for mathematical equations. It's not yet designed to solve word problems or complex chemical equations. For more help with these types of problems, start a Live Help session! 

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