What can students do on the app vs browser?

  • Web browser
    • Students can access all Paper features by opening up Paper on a web browser. This can be done either by going to their school portal, such as Clever or Classlink, or by going to the Paper website app.paper.co.
  • Paper Education mobile app
    • The Paper Education app can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.
    • Students can start Live Help sessions and take or upload pictures and files within the chat, as well as access the mobile whiteboard feature.
    • Students can upload written work for review and download reviewed writing. iOS devices also allow students to see tutor comments in the PDF file viewer in app. When using the Review Center on mobile, students can upload docs from Google Drive (as well as from other sources), but will need the Google Drive app if they specifically want to upload from Google Drive.
    • Students can also access Paper Missions and Paper Reading on mobile.
    • Students can use Math Snap 
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