Do tutors check for plagiarism?

Academic integrity is extremely important. This means that tutors check assignments for plagiarism to ensure that the writing is in the student’s own words and that citations are used appropriately when information is taken from outside resources.

Tutors will mark assignments that have been potentially plagiarised using the “plagiar-eyes” tool. The badge appears on reviewed assignment. It lets students and teachers know that there is work required to remove any instances of plagiarism. The teacher is also able to view that the essay has been flagged. Our goal is not to make accusations or to try and get the student in trouble. We aim to ensure that students understand what plagiarism means and how to avoid making this mistake again.

If the student has included citations throughout their document, but they are done incorrectly, it will not be flagged, but the tutor will leave a comment letting the student know how to include proper references.

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