How to install the Canvas sidebar add-on?

A step-by-step guide on installing the Canvas sidebar add-on.

Apps will need to be installed by the partner’s Canvas admin at the district or school level. Admin account must have access to the following settings within Canvas:

  1. Admin → Developer Keys
  2. Admin → Settings → Apps → View App Configurations


  1. Enable Inherited Developer Keys
    • Admin → Developer Keys → Inherited tab

    • Search the page for:

      • Paper Sidebar Link
    • If the Developer Key state is “off,” click the “on” button to enable. Note: the on-button will turn green.

    • Copy the Inherited Client ID (found in the Details column) for each key

  1. Configure an External App using the Inherited Client ID
  2. Finish Installation

Students will be able to launch Paper from within the Canvas platform by clicking "Get help on Paper" in the sidebar.

  1. Canvas-integration-update-V2.png


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