How can a suspended student regain access?

Students who violate Paper's Code of Conduct due to inappropriate behavior cannot access the platform for a few days. School administrators can help students learn to improve their behavior and help them regain access to Paper by participating in the Early Return Program. It's a change for students to regain early access to Paper after they have reflected on the suspended cause.


How engage Early Return Program?


  1. If you are currently locked out of your account and see a message saying you have been suspended, you should tell a teacher or school principal.
  2. Explain to the teacher or principal why you may have been suspended if you remember.
  3. Work with the teacher or school principal to contact Paper and request access to the platform.

School site administrators or teachers

Please refer to the suspension email sent to your school's Emergency Contacts. Please follow these steps to return access to the student:

  1. Reference suspension notice for suspension reasoning.
    • If the school principal did not receive a suspension notice, please email to inquire about the student’s access.
  2. Respond to suspension notice requesting that the student suspension be lifted.
    • Apology letters are always encouraged when a student's behavior affects a tutor. This shows that the student understands their actions and repercussions. We always share them with our tutors.

After the school has contacted Paper requesting the suspension being lifted, the student access will return.

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