How to submit work to the Review Center?

Guideline to upload a document to the Review Center 


  1. Go to the student dashboard
  2. Click the Get writing reviewed tab or tile
  3. Click Upload work
  4.  Upload the work by browsing the file on your device or using Google Drive
  5. Fill in the following information:
    1. Title of your work
    2. The assignment language
    3. The class the essay is for
    4. The submission type
    5. The teacher’s instructions (up to three files can be uploaded) 
    6. Anything else you'd like your tutor to know about your work or assignment 
  6. Click Submit for review
  7. Track the essay’s progress
      • The Pending tab lists submissions that haven’t been picked up by a tutor yet.
      • The In Progress tab lists submissions that tutors are currently working on
      • The Reviewed tab lists assignments that have been reviewed by a tutor
  8. To download the reviewed work, click the View Comments button



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