How to install Paper Chrome Extension in Microsoft Edge?

Google Chrome extensions can be used in Microsoft Edge. Students can install Paper Chrome Extension on their MS Edge browser to use Paper outside the website. To get started, ensure the latest Microsoft Edge version is installed on the device. 

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Allow extensions from other stores

  1. Click on the three horizontal dots located in the upper right corner of the MS Edge browser.MS_Edge_three_dots.jpg

  2. A drop-down menu will appear, select Extensions
  3. Click Manage ExtensionMS_Edge_Manage_Extensions.jpg
  4. On the MS Edge Extensions page, enable the Allow extensions from other stores switch located in the lower left corner. 
  5. A pop-up warning message appears, indicating Microsoft has not verified other stores' extensions. Click AllowMS_Edge_Allow_extension.jpg
  6. The Allow extensions from other stores switch color is blue, indicating that now the user can download the Paper Chrome Extension on MS Edge. MS_Edge_extension_enabled.jpg


Install Paper Extension in MS Edge

  1. On the MS Edge browser, visit Paper Chrome Extension
  2. Click Add to ChromePaper_-_Chrome_Web_Store_2023-01-18_at_1.41.27_PM.jpg
  3. A pop-up message appears; click Add ExtensionAdd_Paper_to_MS_Edge.jpg
  4. Now the Paper Chrome Extension has been added to MS EdgePaper_has_been_added_to_Microsoft_Edge_.jpg


Pin Paper Chrome Extension on MS Edge

  1. Click Extensions, located to the right of the browser address bar MS_Edge_Extensions.jpg
  2. Allow the Paper Chrome Extension on the toolbar by clicking on the eye icon.
  3. The Paper icon will permanently appear on the toolbar.Pin_CE_MS_Edge.jpg
  4. Once the Paper Chrome Extension is installed, users sign in to the extension using their school login method. 


Paper Chrome Extension for Microsoft Edge administrators

Depending on the organization's permissions, Paper Chrome Extension can be installed silently on students' devices or added to the allowed list for users to install it. For more information about how to manage Microsoft Edge extensions, visit: 



  • The extension will not function in an empty new tab. The user must have an existing site open for the extension to work correctly.
  • Social Media sites such as Facebook may also have this limitation.
  • Paper cannot provide support on issues related to the Paper Chrome Extension in Microsoft Edge.
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