How can administrators and district managers use Custom Student Groups?

To provide better visibility into specific students’ usage, administrators and district managers are able to create, edit, and delete custom groups of students. Users will see an updated student list page, including filtering and custom groups.

  • Prerequisites: The user must have an Administrator or District Manager role in Paper.


    1. From the student page on your dashboard, click “create group.”
    2. Add the group name and add students to the group.Create_groups.png
    3. Once created, users can filter data on the students’ page by group to only see information about students in the group in the results. Results can be sorted by:
      • Results can be sorted by:
      • Last name
      • First name
      • Last active
      • Number of sessions
      • Number of essays
      • Total session time
      • FlagsFilter_groups_Screen_Recording.gif
    4. Groups can be edited or deleted by clicking the “manage groups” button on the students’ page.Edit_group.pngDelete_group.png
    5. Groups will only be visible on the creating user's account. They will not be visible on other administrators or district managers’ accounts at the school/district or on students’ accounts.Create_group_Screen_Recording.gif


  • Limitations: Teachers do not currently have access to this tool.
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