How to use Voice Typing?

The platform has built-in speech-to-text functionality. Students can use Voice Typing to speak during a Live Help session and have it transcribed to text.

  • Instructions:
    • During a Live Help session, students can click on the sound wave icon in the chat to start “recording” their speech. Note: Students might have to enable microphone permissions.

voice typing collage.jpg

    • While recording, the spoken words will start appearing on the screen. Students should speak slowly and clearly for the best results.
    • Once finished, students can click “confirm” to end the recording.

voice typing 2.png

    • They can then edit the text if needed before pressing the send button.
    • The tutor and student will see the message in the chat.

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Limitations: Voice typing can only be used in English. It will not work on the Chrome extension or in Firefox.

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