How to use the search functionality in Live Help?

Sometimes we need to go back and review certain concepts or explanations while we work through assignments. The search feature available in your chat sessions helps you do just that! You are able to search previous messages within a session, helping you get to those key messages much faster.


    1. You can search within any conversations by typing on the search field in the chat header area, next to the End session button.

    2. The most recent result will be prioritized.

    3. By default, all search results are highlighted in orange and the active selection in green.

    4. You can also view results by clicking on the up or down arrows.

    5. You can clear the search by deleting what you typed or clicking on the clear button.


Similar to the Bookmarks feature, searching through chats will help you review concepts and steps of a problem faster. When you are working on an assignment or preparing for an exam, be sure to use Search as a tool to help you remember key explanations and aid your studying.

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